LP #914 Sacro Lumbar Support Elastic S

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Information about LP #914 Sacro Lumbar Support Elastic S

LP #914 Sacro Lumbar Support with Elastic is recommended in HIVD (Herniated Intervertebral Disc), Spondylolisthesis, Muscle strain/ sprain, Low back pain, and Spondylosis.
Features of LP #914 Sacro Lumbar Support Elastic:
1. An elastic back orthosis in the soft-sprung material. 
2. Designed with straps crossing at the back and fastened in front for better support and comfort. 
3. Four splints in the back for stabilization and to help prevent rolling.
Available sizes:
S (Measure around the waist-61.0~71.1 cm)
M (Measure around the waist-71.1~83.8 cm)
L (Measure around the waist-83.8~96.5 cm)
XL (Measure around the waist-96.5~109.2 cm)
XXL (Measure around the waist-109.2~119.4 cm)