LP #161XT X-Tremus Back Support L

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LP #161XT X-Tremus Back Support L

LP #161XT X-Tremus Back Support L

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Information about LP #161XT X-Tremus Back Support L

LP #161XT X-Tremus Back Support is recommended in moderate muscle strain, low back pain and HIVD (Herniated lntervertebral Disc)
Benefits of LP #160XT X-Tremus Back Support:
1. X pattern Stable Contoured Structure combined with elastic straps and semi-rigid stays provide lumbar spine maximal protection.
2. C Pattern Magic Power Band contoured to fit the core muscles preserves energy consumption and enhances sports explosion.
3. Semi-rigid stays positioned on the back support and stabilize the lumbar spine without limiting performance.
4. Bilateral straps provide reinforced compression to enhance stays function with extra stability.
5. Pocket closure design makes it easier to wrap in front. 
6. Durable Fitting Knit with high permeability fabric ensures wearing durability and breathability.
Available sizes:
S (Measure around the waist-70.0~80.0 cm)
M (Measure around the waist-80.0~90.0 cm)
L (Measure around the waist-90.0~100.0 cm)
XL (Measure around the waist-100.0~110.0 cm)
XXL (Measure around the waist-110.0~120.0 cm)