Dr Morepen Breathe Free Vaporizer V-06

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Information about Dr Morepen Breathe Free Vaporizer V-06

Dr MorepenBreathe Free Vaporizer V- 06A steam vaporizer is a mechanical device that turns water into steam and transmits that steam into the surrounding atmosphere. 
- It used to help clear congestion or moisturize dry nasal passageways 
Uses of Dr MorepenBreathe Free Vaporizer V- 06 
- It is used for treating common cold, bronchitis,sinusitis,Hay fever, Aasthma,Laryngitis, Throat irritation 
- Also used for treating stuffy head and nose conditions 

Procedure to operate: 
- Read the manufacturer's instructions 
- Use the vaporizer at night. 
- Fill the container with distilled water 
- Place the vaporizer on a flat surface at a safe distance from human contact 
- Plug the vaporizer in and turn it on 
- Inhale the steam through nose or mouth 

Salient features: 
- It is useful for both health and beauty 
- It is a steam inhalator and facial sauna that produces steam vapours in seconds 
- It is highly effective and easy to use and clean 
- IT has plastic body to prevent shocks 
- It is Ideal for home and travel 

Safety information: 
- Keep out of the reach and sight of children 
- Handle with care